Cheat Guide To Dubai Food 2020

Dubai’s best gourmet spots during Restaurant Week

You might already be familiar with the concept of Restaurant Week:
its the time where the city’s most exclusive restaurants curate a special menu at unbeatable prices, allowing guests to sample some of the city’s most exemplary cooking.

Head to the lively Argentinian steakhouse Gaucho Dubai for incredible cuts of meat, all spiced to perfection. If you want a stunning view to go with your meal, Bleu Blanc serves up authentic French cuisine in a glamorous setting that overlooks shimmering water in the desert city.

Discover Dubai’s culinary gems

Slip away from the crowds and discover your new favorite food hot-spot. From the bustling streets of Bur Dubai to the thriving cultural center of Jumeirah , head off on your own food trail with this list of lesser-known dining spots.

There’s the adventurous Mexican-Filipino Cancios Restaurant – whose ultra-vibrant food is sure to delight all your senses – or the homely, hearty African comfort foods from Catfish.

Sample everything at the sprawling Beach Canteen

For two weeks, Dubai’s Sunset Beach will transform into a vibrant culinary hotspot dubbed the Beach Canteen. This sprawling outdoor venue will house over 60 food trucks and indie shops. It is the best way to dive in and sample a myriad of cuisines and snacks in one place: from Polish street food to authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, you’ll definitely find something you love here.

While you’re digesting, a laundry list of activities await on the beach, including cooking demonstrations and live entertainment. There are even fitness courses available throughout the Beach Canteen to prepare you for the next round of eating – and rest assured, you’ll definitely want to make room for more.